Vessel turned from Bolivian Rosewood, with Cocobolo finial

February 6, 2024

This vessel has been turned from Bolivian Rosewood, with a finial of Cocobolo Rosewood. Bolivian Rosewood [Machaerium scleroxylon], although not a true rosewood (member of the Dalbergia Family), has sensational color and figure and at its finest (as here) rivals rosewoods such as Cocobolo and Brazilian Rosewood. The swirling figure is particularly beautiful, wonderfully highlighting the variable colors. A heavy, hard wood, Bolivian Rosewood takes a sensational finish.Cocobolo is a true Rosewood, sometimes called "Queen of the Rosewood."

I am particularly pleased with the profile of this turning: sometimes the simplest shape is the most difficult to create perfectly.

(Because it is so dense, an occasional very small seasoning crack may be created. Here it has been completely filled in, including with some powdered turquoise.)

6.5" high x 3" dia