Vessel turned from Australian Red Mallee Burl, with finial design of shaved brass, Camphor Burl, and African Blackwood

May 4, 2021

A lot is going on in the turning! It combines wood from three continents (Australia, Asia, and Africa, and has an elaborate finial construction, made of brass shavings, Vietnamese Camphor Burl, and African Blackwood...the premier detail wood for woodturners. The Red Mallee Burl is exceptionally beautifully figured and colored, even for this characteristically stunning wood. The bottom of the turning (which would have been facing outward on the tree, with a heavy bark cover) maintains some of the ripples from the bark, where I've chosen not to smooth the surface entirely. It also has just amazing color and figure.

The Australian Mallee Burls (all harvested from one or another of the dozens of species of native Eucalyptus) are the hardest and heaviest wood I work with in anything of larger dimensions. Even partially hollowed, this vessel is strikingly heavy.

6.5" diam x 6" high