Sculptural form turned from Australian Gold Mallee Burl

April 3, 2021

I have turned a lot of Australian Mallee Burls. But the sculptural form seen here has been turned from what is quite frankly the finest example of Gold Mallee Burl I've ever seen--"museum quality," in the (perhaps) hyperbolic description given to me by my dealer before purchasing (it was quite expensive...). When a wood is this gorgeous, this amazing, there is a temptation to think: "Don't mess it up! Don't try to do too much with it! Let the wood speak for itself!" And in some sense, that's what I've done here. The profile is simple but accords perfectly with the somewhat irregular shape of the burl cap. The color and figure are unsurpassable, even in some of the more expensive cousins of Gold Mallee Burl. Certainly this is an heirloom-quality woodturning, in my view.

12.5" at its widest; 9" t its narrowest; 2" high