Mobile created from Buckeye Burl spheroids and thin, curved steel struts

July 14, 2020

The mobile that I have attempted to photograph here requires tremendous patience, time, and a willingness to be frustrated to no end in the balancing of the spheroids that hang by very strong black thread from the curved steel struts. But the final result is one that will fascinate, amuse, and create in any space a sense of motion and perfect balance. The lightest touch or breeze sets all eight individually turned and finished spheroids in a motion that gives a sense of a miniature solar system.

Technical note: For various reasons, photographing a mobile is exceptionally difficult, at least for this amateur photographer. Differing focal lengths, the near impossibility of getting the mobile to be sufficiently still, the challenges of avoiding shadows...all make for less than perfect photographic representation. But I do believe one can get a clear sense of what the mobile looks like in real life from these photographs.


The conical space occupied by the mobile is approximately 2 feet in diameter and 3 feet from the top spheroid to the bottom one