Lidded box of Maple, with lid of Maidou Burl and Snakewood

November 12, 2020

This lidded box has been turned from a rather ordinary blank of Maple, but is distinguished by a dramatic flash of iridescent figure, which seems to streak across the top of the box! The lid has been turned from two very special woods: Maidou Burl from Vietnam (and now almost impossible to find, but with figure as fine as that of any burl wood) and Snakewood, the most expensive wood I use, as measured by dollars per board foot. Needless to say, I use it only for detail wood. It is extremely hard, dense, and heavy (almost one and a half times the weight of water). Its beautiful, very subtle figuring looks a bit like snakeskin, hence its name.

6" high x 5.5" dia