Hollow form turned from ("exhibition quality") Maple Burl

January 31, 2023

This hollow form has been turned from an exceptionally fine piece of Maple Burl  [Acer negundo (family: Aceracea)]---described by my wood dealer as "exhibition quality" (their highest rating). Maple Burl is an extraordinary turning wood, varying highly in grain qualities, color, spalting (the fungal and bacterial formations that often give burl wood its distinctive patterning), and degrees of bark and other enclosures.

This hollow form has a particularly satisfying profile and the walls have been turned to a very thin dimension, making the finished turning extraordinarily light, almost aery. The hollowing has all been accomplished through the 0.5" opening seen here. Hollow form turning is one of the most challenging technical challenges facing woodturners.

The turning was finely sanded and sealed; after sealing, Danish oil was rubbed into the wood, followed by hand-rubbing with a combination of carnauba and beeswax in a light solvent. This finish has what I think is a very light and transparent quality.

3" high x 3" diameter